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Corporate Clients
Your employees are your greatest asset

Every organisation articulates this statement in one way or another and would welcome and, indeed, benefit from extra support in making this statement a reality. Baobab Centre offers all organisations - small, medium or large - the opportunity to help their employees, teams and departments to develop relational ways of working to achieve positive outcomes. Retention, improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, creativity and strong working relationships are enhanced when employees feel valued and when they have a chance for professional and personal growth.

Support can be offered in a variety of ways and at 3 different levels.

Individual employees may be offered support through:

Coaching can be accessed by an 8 hour contract, which is funded immediately, but can be spread over as long a period as deemed appropriate. Alternatively, coaching can be accessed on an hourly basis.

Teams may be offered support through:

  • Attending training days;
  • Bespoke training days designed to address their particular requirements, including conflict resolution and communication processes; or
  • Mediation.

Organisations may be offered support through:

  • Providing training days for employees;
  • Coaching for senior and middle managers;
  • Facilitation for management retreats or away days;
  • Consultancy using organisational psychodynamics to explore corporate patterns and processes, inform policy development or, decide on the management of particular situations or individuals

If you are interested in accessing support at any level, please contact Gayle-Anne Drury for a more detailed discussion of your requirements. There is no charge for this consultation.

Referrals through employers can take any of the following routes, as agreed:

  1. Occupational Health
  2. Human Resources
  3. Self-referral
  4. Line Manager
  5. Trade Union, pastoral officer or any other body as agreed with each organisation

We have a full system of referral to other organisations and professionals, including psychiatric assessments.
Themes identified at individual and team levels can be fed back to corporations (with due regard to confidentiality) to help inform policy and culture development. Similarly, issues raised at an individual level can help inform training content for groups and teams . This system of interchangeability uses fluid communication and information to ensure optimum and targeted use of services, promote learning organisations and provide best value.

All Baobab Centres training sessions are mapped against the government-recognised Management Standards Centre National Occupational Standards so that they can be easily referenced in personal and professional development plans.


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