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If you find yourself in conflict or a continuously uncomfortable relationship at work or within your family or neighbourhood, then mediation may be useful. Mediation, broadly refers to any situation in which a neutral third party facilitates others to reach a mutually beneficial way forward, making continuing working or personal relationship possible and more productive. It has a clear and mutually agreed structure, timetable and focus.

The process is confidential and participation is typically voluntary.  Mediation can be effective if used before conflict becomes entrenched but is also useful when formal complaints or litigation are the only other alternatives.

The benefits of mediation for individuals include:

  • a non-judgmental, objective independent person to help you understand and clarify the points at dispute and to find a more effective way of managing the situation;
  • support which enables you to communicate your needs more clearly;
  • the possible reduction in anxiety and other problems raised by continuing conflict;
  • an opportunity to improve your problem-solving abilities; and
  • a resolution or change in the problem addressed.

The benefits for corporations include:

  • a more cost effective and time efficient approach than using formal procedures;
  • offers solutions not necessarily available in formal procedures;
  • encourages staff retention;
  • promotes good working relationships;
  • enhances staff skills; and
  • reminds employees that they are valued by the organisation.

Normally an initial visit will be used to gather information and agree a mediation programme, including the number, duration and dates of meetings. The total number of hours will not be altered unless all parties agree.


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