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Teams, including family groups, are often creative, proactive and productive, helping individuals within them to feel secure and to offer their best. Sometimes, they are chaotic, dysfunctional and difficult, leading individuals within them to feel insecure and unable to function well in a variety of ways. Small group training can be individually tailored and provided within your organisation, family or social group, such as sports clubs. Very often, working to improve the quality and clarity of communication is a key component in working with groups.

Group work for teams in organisations is based upon our continued experience of working with individuals, teams and corporations. We bring a strong awareness of the issues that exist in the current work environment and we build into that awareness the specifics of your particular training needs as identified in collaboration with you.

Deciding on the most appropriate ways of working with groups within families or social contexts is based on your information, as well as an in-depth understanding and experience of people and how they interact and communicate with each other.

All initial discussions to explore whether group work is appropriate in a given situation is offered free of charge.


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