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September 2014
Testimonial for Baobab courses delivered at North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Baobab has run several courses for the fire service such as Stress management, Transactional Analysis, boundaries, Harassment to tolerance and Problem solving.

When I first attended the courses, I had been recently promoted to Watch Manager.  I found the course contents very useful and they gave me plenty of food for thought as to how I would and have managed certain situations.

The courses have covered subjects such as stress symptoms which have helped me to recognise stress in myself and enable me to identify signs of stress in others.  Also how to cope with stress such as taking exercise or the importance of eating a balanced diet.  Ego states were also explained - Parent, Adult, Child.  This was very interesting as I could relate it to every member of my watch and it helped me to understand why people behave or respond as they do - it made me very aware also of my actions and responses.  For example, if someone was displaying a child ego state and 'throwing a tantrum' it would be of no use if I too was in child ego state, I would need to be in parent or adult ego state.

Time management and Problem solving gave me new ideas for ways of organising my workload and ways to involve and engage my watch in achieving the stations aims and goals.

As a new manager I may have doubted some of my decisions at times but discussions regarding challenging negative thinking with peer managers facilitated by Baobab were very useful.

I know that I am a better Manager thanks to the knowledge and guidance of the Baobab centre.

Baobab helped me to understand how people may act and react and gave me the tools to do my job more effectively. Throughout the courses, Baobab promoted the values and objectives of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and 'opened the eyes' of many people attending the courses.

I found the course facilitators very knowledgeable and approachable. I would like to thank Baobab for their help and I hope to work with them again in the future.


I attended two courses run by the BAOBAB centre; stress managament and transactional analysis. The former course was very informative linking the physiological and psychological effects of stress together, I was then prepared to have some sort of 'role playing sketch' and was pleasantly relieved that this wasn't the case.

Whilst we were given the opportunity to work through personal situations there was no pressure to make these public within the group nor were we given lots of advice about needing to relax more, but instead a more gentle approach of techniques and suggestions that were delivered along with a message, that they wouldn't suit everyone and were merely a toolbox we could use meant that the course was far from stressful!

The transactional analysis course was a further dimension on looking at how we manage and interpret relationships and again whilst personal application was encouraged there was no expectation to divulge this information. The content of this course was more complex in nature and therefore a little harder to understand but because of its excellent delivery by Gayle-Anne, comprehension was far from difficult and I left feeling very much informed.

I cannot recommend these two courses more highly and feel that they have transformed the way in which I handle work related relationships and the way in which I manage stress helping to make me feel more settled and productive in my work environment. I was hoping to attend further courses run by the BAOBAB centre but disappointedly my organsation has subsequently decided to no longer provide them, and whilst I feel fortunate to have had the experience I feel somewhat saddened that my colleagues will be unable to attend such a beneficial program.

Testimonial from City of York Council

“Baobab Centre offer a unique and personalised approach to tackling difficult organisational situations.

I felt an immediate sense of expert support and guidance from the initial meeting and developed a trusted relationship quickly which helped plan a ‘road to recovery’.

Using and understanding Baobabs core values were an essential part of being able to turnaround a very challenging and disempowered team culture, whilst addressing team bullying and harassment issues.

The training provided by Baobab Centre was excellent and engaged with everyone who attended the bullying and harassment sessions. I was initially concerned about managers, supervisors and staff all being part of a single session, but this was well managed by the staff at Baobab and this was reflected in the positive feedback from the staff.

I am happy to endorse and recommend Baobab Centre to other organisations as my experience has only be positive and their interacts with the staff have made a lasting impression”


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