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Why Choose Baobab? | Philosophy & Values

How do people or organisations decide how to behave, work or live?  The work of Baobab Centre is founded on the belief that each person or organisation makes these decisions based on:

  • philosophy and values
  • experience
  • cognitive processes
  • emotional and psychological processes

In each of these parts of decision making, there are likely to be both conscious and unconscious processes involved.

The philosophy underpinning the work of Baobab Centre includes the ideas that:

  • all human beings are originally good and therefore valuable
  • as human beings we generally seek to live fulfilling lives, and
  • relationship with our self and with others is central in forming the ways in which we choose to live and work

This translates into our core values, which include:

  • valuing individuals and working to enhance their personal and professional development
  • focusing on building relationships, between individuals, individuals and organisations and between organisations
  • encouraging appropriate work/life balance
  • encouraging reflective practices for life and work; and
  • working at reasonable cost making our services more accessible

Our experience is that by enabling individuals and organisations to understand the various processes influencing relationships and decisions, more creative, effective and satisfactory ways of living and working can be encouraged.

The service pages of this website explain further how cognitive and emotional and psychological processes are incorporated into our work.


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